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So You Think You Want To Host a Pegi Williams Book Shop?

There are many good reasons why you should host a Pegi Williams Book Shop (Book Fair), but the most important reason is how your school can benefit from hosting one.

When you run a Pegi Williams Book Shop at your school you have the choice of three benefit options:

Option 1:
Keep 25% of your total sales from the Book Shop titles before returning the sample range. Any books not returned will be assumed kept as part of your Benefit Option 1, so there is no need to notify Pegi Williams Book Shop of the titles you are keeping.

Option 2:
Upon full payment a Pegi Williams Book Shop **Credit for 25% of your total sales will be issued to spend with Pegi Williams Book Shop by visiting the shop, having a selection sent 'on approval' or ordering online at

**This Credit is a Retail Price Credit only and cannot be deducted from outstanding invoices or balances which have already received discount. Your school will have a separate Book Shop account with Pegi Williams Book Shop.

Option 3:
Retain 15% of total sales in cash and remit balance.

Our customers find that by hosting a Book Shop for Book Week or during Term 3, they have their Credit to spend in Term 4 when their budgets have been closed for the year. Host a Book Shop during Term 4 and benefit from pre Christmas sales.

Click on this link: How Your Book Shop Works - for more information on how to run your Book Shop.

See the previous Book Shop brochures to give you an idea of the quality titles we include in your selection.


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