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Queensland C2C

Please click on the links below for books that are recommended texts by the Queensland Department of Education and Training for use in the C2C English units.

When you select a Year level all books from each C2C Unit will be displayed in alphabetical order by title. As more units are released more books will be added.

Only one edition of each title has been listed (if there is a Big Book or Audio edition available they are also listed).

We have included all books on the C2C List including those Out Of Print for your records. You can order titles that are Out of Print and if they reprint we will supply them upon availability unless otherwise advised.

Credit card payment is not accepted for school accounts bearing discount, a 30 day tax invoice will be issued with your books for payment by cheque or EFT.

If you have any queries about ordering online please call us on 08 8344 6457.